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Woodpecker Pro Digital Bird Scarer
Woodpecker Pro Digital Bird Scarer
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  • Audible, Programmable, Species-Specific Bird Scarer
  • Rugged Weatherproof Design Ideal For Home, Light Commercial or Marine Use
  • Covers up to 1 Acre
  • 8 Dispersal Calls For Woodpeckers and Related Species
  • Daylight Sensor
  • Available in 240V Mains AC or 12V DC Battery Power Variants (Battery Not Included)
  • Optional Extension Speaker


  • Dimensions: 14cm x 22cm x 10cm
  • Sound Pressure: 105 - 110 dB at 1 metre
  • Frequency Range: 3 - 5 kHz


  • Control unit with built-in speaker
  • Plug-in 12-volt power supply or 12-volt DC battery clips
  • Mounting bracket
  • Installation instructions


TheWoodpecker Pro is suitable for scaring away Woodpeckers and other pest species from areas up to 1 acre.

Ideal for home, light commercial or marine use, the Woodpecker Pro is an audible, programmable, species-specific bird scarer that repels pest birds harmlessly using their own in-built reaction to their species-specific distress calls.

When birds encounter dangerous situations or spot a predator, they let out very specific distress and alarm calls to notify other birds of their own species that the area is not safe. The Woodpecker Pro rebroadcasts naturally recorded versions of these sounds to create an environment that is not only unfriendly for pest birds, but gives the impression that it would be life-threatening for the birds to occupy the area. Because of this, birds will not linger for long when the Woodpecker is operating.


  • Installs Easily: Mount it nearly anywhere
  • Continuous Operation: Repels birds with 24/7, day-only, or night-only modes
  • Variable Frequencies: Attacks different birds with different settings
  • Weatherproof: Sleek, weatherproof casing is designed to withstand years of outdoor use
  • Real Sounds: High Quality Digital playback of naturally recorded bird distress & alarm sounds.
  • Maintenance-Free: When installed properly, no ongoing maintenance is required
  • No Moving Parts: No mechanical repairs needed
  • Warranty: Woodpecker Pro features a 6-month Manufacturer's Warranty

Choose any, or all, of the 8 sounds, including predators to give the birds even more of a sense of danger. Then customise by choosing volume and silent time between sounds.

Harmless to the birds and other animals. Can be used indoors or outdoors. Woodpecker Pro uses natural sounds to chase away the birds, but it doesn't harm them.

Use with standard 220vAC electricity (adapter included) or purchase a 12vDC deep cycle marine-type battery instead for remote / wireless use. A solar power panel is available for use with a battery to help condition the battery.

The Woodpecker Pro is made of sturdy, weather-proof plastic with a built-in powerful directional speaker. The unit features convenient, accessible controls.

Each call plays for about 6 seconds, if more than one call is programmed-in they will play in quick succession. They will play in random order, or in sequence, depending upon your programming.

The intervals between each series of calls can be varied between 17 seconds to 10 to 30 minutes. These scarers can be used on their own but for improved deterrence it is advisable that they are used in conjunction with other, visual, scareing devices.

This system will not deter pest birds if they are being fed or there is an artificial food source on site, or they are already nesting, or have nested on the site in the past. All nests must be cleared first, in accordance with applicable local legislation and all artificial food sources must be stopped in advance of installation.

Woodpecker Pro Digital Bird Scarer - 240 Volt AC (AD132-240V)336.06Each ex.VAT
Woodpecker Pro Digital Bird Scarer - 12 Volt DC (AD132-12V)336.06Each ex.VAT
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