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Scarecrow Patrol Two Rental Rate Per Week
Scarecrow Patrol Two Rental Rate Per Week
Scarecrow Patrol Two Rental Rate Per Week
Scarecrow Patrol Two Rental Rate Per Week
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  • Handheld, portable bird scaring unit
  • Suitable for: Herring gulls, Black-headed gulls, Common gulls, Starlings, Lapwings, Rooks, Magpies, Pigeons & Crows.
  • Long-Term Hire Discount Available
  • Up to 3 weeks 79.99 per week
  • 4 Weeks or more 71.99 per week
  • 8 Weeks or more 63.99 per week


Ideal for use at school playgrounds, sportsfields, airfields, beaches, at sea, land fill sites, bridge structures, public buildings, docks and harbours, fruit farms and agriculture, food processing and storage facilities, outdoor restaurants.

Simple to use, fast and immediately effective.

Scarecrow Patrol is a hand-held portable bird dispersel system that is ideal for temporary bird dispersal and focused spot protection. Uses audible sound to mimick gull and pigeon distress calls creating alarm in the pest birds and subsequent dispersal.


Requires 6 X Size 'C' batteries not supplied. Simply select the desired distress call using selector knob, set the desired volume using the volume control knob, point the front of the unit towards the pest birds and squeeze the trigger for up to 60 seconds at a a time.

The typical technique for dispersal of nearby flocks of pest birds such as gulls, rooks, jackdaws etc is to play the appropriate distress call for bursts of about 45 - 60 seconds. This will allow the birds to hear the call, locate its direction, take to the air and fly towards the source to investigate it, with the inherent behavioural response of mobbing the predator. Once the call stops and the pest birds cannot find the source, the area becomes a danger zone for them, the pest birds are unnerved and disperse away from the area.

Instructions and Technical Guide

Product Brochure

Product Brochure

Quantity Discounts

4 +  75.998 +  71.99
AD016 Scarecrow Patrol Two Rental Rate Per Week79.99Per Week ex.VAT
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