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Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel
Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel
Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel
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  • Non-toxic visual & olfactory bird repellent gel for protecting structures
  • Effective against all bird infestations at all levels of bird pressure
  • Low profile solution, hard to see from the ground
  • Supplied in 250g tubes with 15 dishes per tubes
  • Dishes accommodate window clips and gutter clips (sold separately)
  • Save 28% when you order 24 tubes or more


Ornaway® has been developed by UK scientists and is manufactured in the UK using high grade pharmaceutical gels that meet European standards.

Each 250g tube is supplied with 15# dishes into which the product is dispensed. The dishes are glued-down onto the surface being protected using Silirub N neutral cure low modulus silicone prior to filling with product.


To ensure optimal performance of Ornaway in previously infested locations the area to be treated must been cleaned thoroughly using a suitable Avian disinfectant and all traces of guano / bird droppings and nesting material have been cleared away.

Use in pre-supplied dishes (15 dishes to 1 tube of gel). Use a frame / cartridge gun to dispense the gel into the dishes provided. Wear protective gloves.

These dishes accommodate a variety of gutter and window clips as well as optional magnets for metal surface applications.

Ornaway® Bird Gel has a dual line of repellence that works in a complimentary action:

Firstly the birds olfactory senses are repelled by the mint fragrance.

The second mode of repellence functions via the bird's ability to perceive into the ultraviolet spectrum and under UV light, the Ornaway® gel appears white hot. Ornaway® Bird Gel has been deployed in rural and urban environments, as well as proofing in trees against an array of pest bird species.

Ornaway® Bird Gel is available in 250g tubes and comes with 15 dishes.
Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel incl. 15 dishes (VD381-EACH)£39.99250g ex.VAT
Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel Case of 6 Tube incl. 90 dishes (VD381-CASE)£209.946 Pack ex.VAT
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