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Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel
Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel
Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel
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  • Non-toxic visual & olfactory bird repellent gel for protecting structures
  • Effective against all bird infestations at all levels of bird pressure
  • Low profile solution, hard to see from the ground
  • Supplied in 250g tubes with 15 dishes per tubes
  • Dishes accommodate window clips and gutter clips (sold separately)
  • Save £5 per tube when you order in case quantities (6 tubes)
  • Save 25% when you order 24 tubes or more £29.99 per tube just add to basket for discount


Ornaway™ Bird Gel is a novel, highly effective yet discrete bird deterrent, for use on buildings and other structures.

The gel combines potent visual and olfactory effects, which deter pest birds from landing on the structure.

The gel is non toxic or harmful to birds, and birds do not have to contact the gel for it to be effective.

Once properly installed, the product remains effective for at least two years, even in harsh climates.

The gel is intended to be applied in the UV stabilised, low-profile dishes that are supplied with the product. Once installed, the dishes are usually invisible from ground level, so do not detract from the visual appearance of buildings.

On narrow structures (e.g. < 30 cm width or 12 inches), one row of dishes will usually be sufficient.

On broader areas where more than one row is required, keep the same spacing between rows as within rows.

Recommended Dish Spacings


Night roosts and nesting areas = 10-15cm

Daytime loafing sites around feeding areas = 20-25cm

Occasional roosting areas (no food or nests present) = 30-50cm

Starlings & Sparrows

Night roosts and nesting areas = 10-15cm

Daytime loafing sites around feeding areas = 20-25cm

Occasional roosting areas (no food or nests present) = 30-50cm


Occasional roosting areas (no food or nests present) = 30-50cm

Do not use Ornaway to control nesting, feeding or night roosting seagulls for advice on suitable solutions for these applications please contact our sales team on +44 (0)1903 538 488.



Ornaway™ gel may be applied to almost any solid structure on which pest birds roost or nest, including ledges, girders, beam, parapets, flat roofs and other structures. It may be used in exposed open-air locations such as building facades or pylons, or in partially enclosed areas such as railway stations. The product will not run, so dishes may be applied to sloping surfaces. Do no apply the gel in locations where the public are able to access the dishes.


Dishes of Ornaway™ should be fixed only to surfaces which are clean and dry.

Using gloves and appropriate respiratory PPE, thoroughly remove and dispose of all bird fouling, nests and other organic debris from the area. Debris may need wetting before removal to prevent dust. After cleaning, the surfaces should then be treated with a light spray of an appropriate disinfectant such as Guanaway™. Allow the cleaned surfaces to dry fully before using adhesive to fix the dishes.


For pigeons, the number of dishes required will be greater at high pressure roosting sites.

For other birds, the number will depend on the size of the bird; small birds will require a great density of dishes. Ornaway™ dishes have been specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of Window & Gutter clips.

Gutter / lipped gutter Clips: used to allow Ornway™ gel to be clipped onto the side of a variety of different Types of gutters, allowing free flowing water underneath.

Window Clips: These clips are extremely useful as they allow Ornaway™ gel to protect window ledges without physically applying to the ledge and hindering the operation of the window.


Insert the 250 g cartridge of Ornaway™ gel into a standard caulking gun. Cut off the cartridge seal, and then cut the tip off the nozzle to the required size.

Determine the number of dishes required for the treatment (see above), and their exact locations. At each location, apply a 20 mm (0.8 inches) diameter bead of standard silicone adhesive to the dry surface, and immediately press the dish firmly onto the adhesive.

Once the dishes are in place, apply 15 – 17 g of gel into each dish, using the caulking gun. This quantity of gel is enough to fill the dish to just below the rim.

On ferrous metal surfaces, magnets may be used to hold the dishes in place. The dishes are also designed to fit into standard gutter or window clips.

Finally, Ornaway™ gel may be applied directly to surfaces, but be aware that staining may occur on some surfaces.

Instructions and Technical Guide

Product Leaflet

Product Leaflet

Product Label

Product Label

Product MSDS

Product MSDS

Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel incl. 15 dishes (VD381-EACH)£39.99250g ex.VAT
Ornaway® Optical Bird Repellent Gel Case of 6 Tube incl. 90 dishes (VD381-CASE)£209.946 Pack ex.VAT
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