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JCP Gun Grade Expanding Foam
JCP Gun Grade Expanding Foam
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  • Gun-grade polyurethane expanding foam expands up to 30 times its original volume.
  • Quick-drying foam can be cut, sawn painted or plastered over once fully cured
  • Great for rodent proofing around services entering the building or gaps in roofs
  • Can be combined with copper Stuff Fit mesh to prevent gnawing
  • Popular for filling small gaps and voids on buildings being used by pest birds


An easy to use polyurethane based expanding foam for professional use in general construction and home improvement projects as well as void protection and gap filling for pest control applications.

Must only be used with an expanding foam applicator gun product code AE017 or AE018


This product should only be used in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions on the product label, the information below is intended purely as a guide.

Rodent Proofing: Can be used to fill gaps around service pipes and cables entering the building envelope, or old holes left behind after redundant services removal to prevent rodent access. Can be combined with copper Stuff Fit mesh by injecting foam into the mesh once packed in place to prevent rodents gnawing through the foam.

Bird Proofing: Can be used to fill gaps in the building envelope being used for access by small birds including House Sparrows, Starlings and Feral Pigeons to prevent access to voids and cavities

Surfaces to be adhered to must be free from dust, grease or loose material, it is important the the substrate is wetted prior to application to aid adhesion and finished cell structure.

Only use in temperatures from 5 - 30 degrees centigrade

After use ensure that the applicator gun is thoroughly cleaned using Expanding Foam Applicator Gun Cleaner to prevent blockage and ensure efficient gun operation. Product code AE031.

BS382 JCP Gun Grade Expanding Foam9.94750ml ex.VAT
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