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Ersatz Decoy Seagull Eggs

Decoy or "Ersatz" Seagull Eggs are commonly used in seagull control programmes throughout the UK and are suitable for use as a substitution for Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) or Lesser Black-backed Gull (Larus fuscus) .

Ersatz is a German word literally meaning substitute or replacement, in this case the Seagull adopts the egg as a substitute for its own, real egg thus preventing population growth.

Ersatz decoy seagull eggs are a popular alternative method to that of sterilizing real eggs in the nest, by either pricking or oiling the egg using Liquid Paraffin BP.

Decoy eggs are manufactured from durable plastic and can be used time and time again across many seasons.

The Ersatz eggs are made to look and weigh exactly the same as a real Herring Gull Egg, ensuring a high rate of acceptance.

The use of Ersatz Eggs as a substitute for Herring Gull & Black Backed Gull eggs must be effected in accordance with local wildlife protection legislation, check with your local legislator prior to use.

Ersatz Decoy Herring Gull Eggs
Ersatz Decoy Herring Gull Eggs
  • Life-like actual size and actual weight imitation substitute Seagull eggs.
  • Gulls will accept imitation eggs in place of their own in the nest.
  • Whilst incubating the imitation eggs, the gulls are quiet and less aggressive.
  • Imitation eggs are quick to deploy and are reusable the following year.
  • In the long term nuisance populations naturally decline
  • Environmentally friendly and humane.
  • Size - 60mm x 44mm, Weight - approx 60 grams
  • Avaialable as individual eggs, unmade or fully made or as a 30 egg kit with sand and glue.
  • 20% off list price when you buy 10 or more fully made or unmade eggs
More Information
Decoy Herring Gull Egg Fully Made (VD358)2.79Each ex.VAT
Decoy Herring Gull Egg Unmade (glue and sand not included) (VD356)1.12Each ex.VAT
Decoy Herring Gull Egg Kit - Makes 30 Eggs (includes glue and sand) (VD357 )44.5730 Pack ex.VAT