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Bird BLazer by Bird X

We are proud to be the UK distributor for Bird BLazer, by Bird-X Inc., the world's first indoor laser bird repellent device.

Intenede for use in warehouse and factory roof spaces, stadium / arena roofs, attics, church spires or any void where pest birds have infested a large area that is impracticle to bird-proof with conventional means.

Fat beam laser technology safely frightens birds away without causing them harm. Fat beam laser technology is certified safe to use around humans too, using 10 milliwatts of fat-beam laser power.

Bird BLazer offers state-of-the-art technology in bird control, it is a fully registered, consumer-safe laser device that works day and night.

Bird BLazer Indoor Laser Bird Repeller by Bird-X
Bird BLazer Indoor Laser Bird Repeller by Bird-X
  • Laser bird repeller ideal for protecting hangars, warehouses, arenas and other large areas
  • Guaranteed and cost effective, covers up to 10,000 ft*
  • Helps prevent false alarm triggers of burglar alarms by pigeons in warehouses at night
  • Constantly varying laser patterns causes stress and anxiety forcing them to flee
  • Ideal for use where other more conventional means of bird-proofing would not be practical.
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Bird BLazer Indoor Laser Bird Repeller by Bird-X (VD345)1,972.82Each ex.VAT