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7mm Nut Spinner Tool For Wire Rope Grips
7mm Nut Spinner Tool For Wire Rope Grips
7mm Nut Spinner Tool For Wire Rope Grips
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  • Used to tighten the 7mm nuts of the wire rope grips with ease and speed
  • Ideal for DIY bird netting installations
  • Thin wall construction allows it to grip the nuts that are too close together for conventional spanners and sockets


For tightening 3mm wire rope grips.

Conventional spanners and sockets are too thick to get between the closely spaves nuts on the wire rope grip, hence the need for a wire rope grip nut spinner.

Saves time, saves money, maintains your sanity!

NT121 7mm Nut Spinner Tool For Wire Rope Grips7.61Each ex.VAT
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