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5- Watt Solar Panel For BirdXPeller Pro AD010 and AD011
5- Watt Solar Panel For BirdXPeller Pro AD010 and AD011
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  • Trickle-charges your 12-volt DC deep cycle battery using free solar energy
  • Ideal for use on boats, outbuildings and large outdoor areas without mains power
  • Cannot be used to directly power the unit. 12-volt battery required at additional cost


Power your BirdXPeller Pro with free energy from the sun! Allows you to install the unit in remore locations without mains power. Must be used in conjunction with a 12-volt deep cycle marine or leisure battery and AD038 12-volt adaptor for BirdXPeller products.

Ideal for using BirdXPeller Pro on boats, in fields, outbuildings and other locations where mains power is not available.

Solar panels can only be used in conjunction with a 12v DC deep cycle battery to power your unit, the solar power trickle charges the battery to prolong battery life.

Unattended operation of your acoustic deterrent unit saves time.

No outlet, no electric bill, saves you money.


Solar Power Panels convert sunlight into electricity. Wire conducts the electricity to batteries where it is stored until needed. Electricity is then used directly from batteries, to power DC (direct current) appliances like your repeller from Bird-X.

*Note: You must purchase a 12v DC deep-cycle battery in order to utilize the Solar Panel. The panel can only charge the battery: it cannot power the repeller directly. A deep cycle, marine-type battery is recommeneded. We do not supply batteries but they are readily available from your local car parts & accessories shop, caravan dealer and yacht chandler.

AD013 5- Watt Solar Panel For BirdXPeller Pro AD010 and AD011127.45Each ex.VAT
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