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3.5mm Ferrule Ratchet Crimp Tool
3.5mm Ferrule Ratchet Crimp Tool
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  • Ratchet crimping tool for use with 3.5 mm copper ferrules (NF298)
  • 3.5mm ferrules are used in conjunction with 3mm diameter perimeter wire rope
  • Long reach handles allow for heavy-duty crimping action
  • Suitable for use with 6mm - 25mm cross sectional area ferrules
  • Use the 16mm jaw size for 3.5mm ferrules (NF298)


For use in 3mm diameter wire rope termination in compressing / swaging the 3.5mm wire rope termination ferrules.

Feed the ferrule onto the wire rope, feed the wire rope around either the barrel straining, fixing or mount, then feed the wire rope back through the ferrule and pull tight. Place the ferrule in to the jaws of the tool in the position marker "16". Then compress the tool as far as it will go. Repeat the process further along the ferrule to fully compress it along its length.

NT140 3.5mm Ferrule Ratchet Crimp Tool65.26Each ex.VAT
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