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10mm Masonry Drill Bit For M6 Corner Eye Bolts NF145
10mm Masonry Drill Bit For M6 Corner Eye Bolts NF145
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  • 10mm masonry drill bits suitable for NF145 M6 Netting Corner Eye Bolts Stainless Steel
  • NT130 is suitable for conventional "butterfly" chuck drills with rotary impact function
  • NT131 is suitable for heavy-duty drills with an SDS chuck fitment.

  • Use for drilling holes for M6 Stainless Steel Netting Corner Eye Bolts NF145
  • Drill bit length overall straight shank NT130 = 120mm, SDS NT137 = 160mm


Suitable for drilling in to concrete, brick, stone and other masonry materials.

NT130 Straight shank variant is suitable for use with conventional butterfly chuck rotary impact drills (Hammer Drills)

NT131 SDS variant is suitable for use with drills that have an SDS chuck

Wear suitable eye and ear protection when using these products.

10mm X 120mm Masonry Drill Bit - Straight Shank (NT130)2.85Each ex.VAT
10mm X 160mm Masonry Drill Bit - SDS (NT131)3.87Each ex.VAT
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